The Mediterranean coast

3 ports, 4 time periods, 6 religions in only one day

Herod observed that there was a city by the sea-side that was in decay and was capable to receive his generosity, he rebuilt it all with white stone, and adorned it with several most splendid palaces, wherein he especially demonstrated his magnanimity; But the king, by the expenses he was at, and the liberal disposal of them, overcame nature, and built a port larger than was the Piraeus (Josephus, The Jewish war, 1, 21, 5)


Caesarea is still one of the nicest coast city’s of Israel, where we can still see the Theatre built by Herod the sun, the king’s palace, the hippodrome and the ancient port, a modern audio visual expirience will bring the city and it’s people back to life.


We will proceed to Haifa, the northern port city of Israel, where we’ll have the view from the top of the Bahi gardens, a world heritage site for it’s splendid gardens, driving through the German colony to enjoy the best Falafel in Israel “Hazekenim” in Wadi Nisnas.


This day will end at the old city of Acco (Acre), once the capital of the crusaders and today a world heritage site, we’ll visit the Hospitaler’s fortress, walk through the colorful bazar, we will end the day with a tasty kenafe desert at kashash sweets at the market.

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