Jerusalem New City Tour

A day tour at the new part of Jerusalem

Yad vashem

Yad Vashem – The national memorial for the 6 million Jews that were killed in the holocaust, the museum that was designed by Moshe Safdi is one of the most visited sits in Israel, this memorial has a fascinating exhibition that will touch your hart. (The entrance to the museum is for older than 10 years old)

Israel Museum

Israel museum – the Israel Museum is the house of the most important Israeli artifacts, including the fascinating model of Jerusalem at the time of the second temple and the Dead Sea scrolls, the most ancient biblical manuscript. The museum was reopened after a 100 million $ renovation and includes archeology wing, Judaica wing, modern art wing and more.

Machane Yehuda Market

Machane Yehuda market – The main food market in Jerusalem, this very colorful market is the nicest market in the city, that’s where you can really see who are the people of Jerusalem, we will see, smell & tast the best Israeli products, as Halva, cheese, hummus, wine and the very special rogalach you have ever tasted. .

More options for this day:

Mt. Herzel

Israel main pantheon with the interactive museum of Herzel

Ammunition hill

The place that tells the story of the six days war around Jerusalem

ATV Ride

2 hours of ATV ride in the Jerusalem hills

From the exit of the tunnels that is where the way of the cross begins, we will walkthroughsome of the station of the cross and climb to the top of the Austrian hospice to have a great view of the temple mount and the old city of Jerusalem, probably that’s a good time for a desert to conclude this day, the austian appel shtrudel is known through all the world.

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- Ariel Stolar -