Adventure Tours Israel

Looking for some extreme and active kind of leisure?

Israel is the perfect scene for a variety of activities to spike your adrenaline and create unforgettable memories. Specially tailored tours with Ariel Stolar will satisfy your thirst for excitement and thrills, while keeping you completely safe. Among the various activities offered in Israel; scuba diving, mountain hiking and various sights and attractions, all combine for the perfect vacation.

Extreme type of vacation while being in good hands

Ariel Stolar is offering his services for creating the vacation of your dreams while making sure you are safe and sound. He will accompany you at all times, and provide you with only the safest activities during your visit to Israel. Ariel will certainly do everything needed to deliver what you have asked for, in his own words: "Your wish is my command."

Ariel Stolar offers you activities that help you get to know the country better, for example: rappelling at various sites in Israel. There are tours for individuals or small groups. Another thrilling activity is zip-lining. You can glide over 400 meters of scenic landscapes at the Deer Land farm outside of Jerusalem.

You can have a full adventure tour or to add different activities to spice up your time.

The activities will be designed to meet your wishes and to fit each member of the party.

Feel free to contact for additional information regarding adventure and extreme activities in Israel.

- Ariel Stolar -