Wine Tours in Israel

Let me invite you to a sensational experience where you will get to look, hear, touch, smell & Taste the land of Israel.

Look at the landscapes of this land from the desert in the south, through the Dead Sea, Jerusalem Mountains, the Galilee and the Mediterranean coast.

Hear the tour guide explanation that makes the stories real.

Touch the land, walls and people.

Smell the aromas, trees, flowers and more than all the wine. Taste the unique local gourmet food and drink wines from the best boutique wineries of Israel.

As wine is being made in Israel since pre-biblical period (with an annual consumption of 350 liters per person a year) and in the last recent years the wine industries is flourishing, (there are over 300 modern, well awarded wineries in Israel).

We have different wine growing areas in Israel, from the High Desert hills to the Judean Mountains, Carmel, Lower & Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights, a wine tour can be a day tour of one region or a multi-day tour of different areas.

The advantage of a wine tour in Israel is that you can combine the visit to various places with visit to the best wineries and restaurants of course – you are not driving!

A private wine tour will allow you to visit 3-4 wineries a day and get to meet with the greatest wine makers and their personal stories.

Please feel free to contact me for any question, itinerary request and more

- Ariel Stolar -