Preparing for your trip – money


Lifeguards go on duty at the major beaches around the country on or about April 1st.


There are ATM’s at Ben Gurion Airport and in the large cities, in the smaller towns it will be usually out of your way.

Cell phones

WiFi is available in just about every coffee shop and gas station in Israel for free. In most hotels nowadays WIFI is available without additional fee. Israel boasts excellent data service for both 3G & 4G phones. Ask your service provider about using your smart phone or cell phone in Israel. . You can easily buy a SIM card to use while here, make sure that your phone is unlocked.


There is 17% value added tax (VAT) on most goods and services in Israel. At retail stores, this tax is always included in the price. Upon making a purchase of $100.00 or more at a gift store that has an agreement with the VAT authorities, you should fill out a form at the store and have it stamped there.

You will be eligible, upon presenting the form and the item, for a 17% refund at the airport prior to departure. Do not pack these gift items in your luggage. They should be kept in your hand luggage along with the special VAT form that you receive from the merchant.

Tourist services, such as hotel rooms and meals, purchased as export goods with foreign currency are exempt from VAT.


The NIS – New Israeli Shekel (or simply shekel) operates on the decimal system. In 6/2018 the rate of exchange to the dollar is approximately 1 dollar = 3.55 shekels. American currency is accepted in most places, but confirm the exchange rate used. There are 100 agurot to the shekel.

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