• I’ve been wanting to write you this week to tell you how much we enjoyed the trip and your expertise in guiding our large, boisterous crowd and then our smaller (more manageable, I hope) group!  The little things you did for us were especially appreciated.
    It goes without saying we will certainly recommend you to friends and family traveling to Israel. So, many thanks again for all you did to make Lexi’s Bat Mitzvah trip so memorable.
  • Ariel,
    I would like to take this time to thank you for an experience of a lifetime; guiding me / us through the best trip of my life while offering other partners of yours who also continued that incredible guiding experience. I saw and learned so much; and most things that I would have never otherwise.
    Although there were things I could not easily digest or even remember names of now ~ I got the gist of it all.
    Yad Vashem was undoubtably a highlight for me in many ways as was the Kotel and other locations I could never imagine. Seeing it all is not like being there and touching it.
    The restaurants were for the most part amazing and although my stomach paid a price both there and when I got home; I would still go back for more.
    It was such a pleasure spending all the time we had, as I do look forward to coming back one day
    in the years to come.
    Best regards,
  • We just wanted to say thank you again for spending the week with us and taking the time to escort us around your amazing and most beautiful country! At times it was so powerful and emotional. Your knowledge, compassion and energy was very moving, thank you for sharing your stories and history with us. We will never forget this amazing experience and are very honored to have met you. Thank you again for the fun and most memorable time! Best Wishes & Much Love
  • Tatiana

    Hi Ariel, there’s some time passed from the time we were in Israel. I just wanted to say, that our trip was outstanding! We loved Israel! What a special place and what a small and also such a big country Israel is!!!! . (more…)
  • Pitman

    We recently returned from the trip of a lifetime to Israel. Ariel was AMAZING!!! We provided a list of "musts" we wanted to see and let him take it from there. Understanding that we were there with our 13 year-old daughter, our itinerary was appropriate for all of us and Ariel was amazing at keeping her engaged during a trip where she could potentially lose focus. (more…)
  • Choa

    My family and I toured with Ariel last December. His passion and pride for his country and people was really evident during the time we were with him. His knowledge and delivery of the land's historical happenings up until fairly recent times where this Jewish state had to fight so hard to establish and now preserve its identity has left me very much inspired by the Jews & even more wistful about how much more awesome tourism could be in my home country if we had tour guides like Ariel!! My family and I had the fortune of touring Israel with Ariel as our guide. Ariel's commentaries and explanations made the places we visited come to full colour, as he managed to stitch the narrative of Israel's history neatly to its theological significance. This is a guy who really knows his stuff! Besides just learning about the history, geo-politics etc. of Israel, my family got to taste (Ariel knows his way around the maze-like markets really well), listen (we listened to beautiful songs by Israeli singers focusing on historical events or the nation) and smell (we were introduced to herbs commonly used in Israeli cuisine) the country too. Our trip to Israel would not have been as enriching without this A-class guide  
  • Scola

    We are Lenore and Tony Scola, extremely satisfied clients of Ariel Stolar. Is "the trip of a lifetime "a trite way to put it? Well it really was and then some. Ariel was our perfect private tour guide. We are a mixed marriage couple and Ariel was able to integrate this component in a seamless fashion. His broad and far reaching knowledge of Israel, its history, its contemporary scene, its marvels, its beauty its food and wine are the most perfect blend. He is incredibly flexible, able to sense his clients needs and wishes without saying a word make him a guide without peer. Highly recommended. L&T Scola
  • Boston Party

    Dear Ariel, We can’t thank you enough for leading our trip. Your knowledge and insights into Israel are truly remarkable, and you certainly “betterized” our experience. It was a pleasure being in your company for our week long tour. you were   the “glue that kept everything together.” So, as you would always say for the driver's seat on the famous Rodius “on the road again.” very truly yours,
  • Nueva Esperanza

    Dear Susan, I wanted to take the opportunity to praise the work of both Ariel Stolar, our tour guide, and Boaz, our driver. Both of these gentlemen did a wonderful job in making sure our recent trip to Israel was a success. Ariel’s expertise provided our students with a rich and expansive understanding of the history of Israel. He presented the land to us in innovative and dynamic ways. His great sense of humor and general compassion for our students were a tremendous asset. Ariel always handled our itinerary with great attention to detail. He went above and beyond his duties with us, and did everything in his power to make sure all of our needs were met. I highly reccomend both gentleman as they made our trip a memorable experience, I am sure they will do the same for your future customers. Sincerely, Lori Schwartz Director of Curriculum Neuva Esperanza Academy
    Lori Schwartz
  • Varnau

    Gina, Thank you so much for all your hard work putting our trip together.    We LOVED Israel and have encouraged many friends to travel there.    Ariel was a great guide and very flexible and accomodating in guiding us.   What a great time we had.   We would certainly recommend you, your company and Ariel to anyone wanting to travel to Israel. Thanks so much.
  • Kahn

    On behalf of my husband, Arthur and my grandson, Zachary we would like to thank you for our recent touring experience in Israel.  Our guide, Ariel Stoler, was terrific and we fell in love with him.  He had a wonderful personality and sense of humor and he taught us so much about Israel.  We are happy to recommend your company and especially Ariel to any of our friends and family who may be planning to travel to Israel. Sincerely,  
    Virginia Kahn 
  • Kagan

    We would like to say thank you for a remarkable magnificent trip. It is hard to truly understand the impact that the trip has had on us. You are the reason. You showed us things in Israel that have impacted our lives forever. You are an encyclopedia of knowledge, always entertaining and a friend to everyone. We will forever remember the sights, smells, sounds, tastes (and jokes) of Israel. We thank you for your friendship, and guidance, and look forward to a long friendship with you and your family. We look forward to our next visit, and seeing you again. Be well.
    Steve and Caryn 
  • Fernando & Familia

    Ariel. Ya estamos instalados en nuestros hogares  en España y estamos recordando estos innolvidables dias que hemos pasado juntos  en tu maravilloso país. Te doy las gracias en nombre mío y en el de mi familia por lo amable que has sido  con nosotros  y por habernos enseñado de esta forma tan especial tu país. Recomendaremos a todas nuestras amistades que tengan previsto ir para allí que hagan la visita privada contigo, será la única forma que puedan vivir su estancia en Jerusalem como tu dices “con los cinco   sentidos”, y ya sabes,  nunca dejes que la realidad  estropee un buen cuento…!! Un abrazo y mucha suerte.
  • Judith & Steve

    Ariel: As we settle back into our normal lives back here in NY, I can’t help but want to say thank you one more time for making our first trip to Israel so wonderful. (more…)

  • Dettelbach

    Dear Ariel, Where to begin to thank you for the countless ways you helped to make our Israeli adventure so spectacular? Your wit, kindness, intelligence, thoughtfulness and all around good humor were so extraordinary. You are such an integral part of our Israeli experience that I can’t imagine ever been there without you! You made this experience exactly what we had hoped.

  • Levy Furth 

    I wanted to get in touch with you while the trip is still very fresh in my mind. To say it was glorious is an understatement. There can always be tweaks to anything in life, but this trip was pretty close to perfect for us. Much of the credit goes to Ariel Stolar, who had to have been the PERFECT guide choice for our family of “the three girls” as he affectionately called us. He was such a dear human being that we felt our missing brother on the trip, Andy, was with us in his person. HE COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE SOLICITOUS TO OUR MOTHER! He was there at every turn to offer her a strong arm for walking, speaking loudly to accommodate for her hearing and generally arranging whatever he could (including taking her shopping in the Arab market – not an easy task!) to make the trip as perfect for her – as she was the honored guest – as he could. He is a GEM. I cannot imagine any other tour guide rising to his level and I have had several excellent previous tour guides in Israel. He is indeed a very special person as well as being an excellent, superbly-informed, and easy going-fun guide, companion and now FRIEND for life.

  • Telstar

    Our guide, Ariel Stolar, was spectacular.   Ariel is hands down the BEST guide I have ever had…seriously, he knows more than any human should about the country both past and present and somehow, made it really fun to learn it all. We spent 10 days with him and now we all adore him..most importantly, (and amazingly), he managed to deal with all 4 of our vastly differently personalities and keep us all happy.

  • Slavin

    Jim & I want to thank you again for making our 1st trip to Israel so memorable & fun.  You are a terrific guide – full of energy, knowledge & kindness.  We learned so much about the country & certainly have a deeper appreciation of what the Israelis have done to a land that had nothing.  We can all be proud of our heritage

  • Ravitch

    Dear Ariel, Thank you for providing us with an excellent tour and great commentary. We are particularly grateful for your attentativeness to our various needs. We don’t know for sure if the tour guide is always right but we do know you are the right tour guide for us.

    The Ravitch’s
  • Zuccari

    Ariel was a wonderful guide. He was fantastic with my family, enjoyable to be around and very knowledgeable. It was as if we had always known him, he blended in so well with my wife, daughter and myself. One of my concerns prior to my trip was, how safe will it be. I assure you that he made us feel very safe the entire trip and there was never a question in our minds that we were indeed safe. I would highly recommend Ariel to any of your clients, they would simply have a wonderful time.

  • Neissar

    Ariel, Thank you for making our trip special. We had a great time and learned so much because of you. We’re already planning our next trip to Israel. We are telling all our friends about the great guide they MUST use!

  • Dratch

    My family and I just got back from an amazing trip to Israel. Ariel had a lot to do with that. He managed to make one day better than the next; which is what he promised us the first day we met. He never missed a moment to teach us about the past and present of Israel (more…)

  • Schiff

    What an incredible journey we have had with Ariel as our guide. ! This delightful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable person took us under his wing, and showed us sides of his country’s history, culture and art that we never would have seen without his direction. As a person, he is open informative and passionate about Israel. (more…)

  • Mexico

    Ariel, Queremos agradecerte por Haber Sido Nuestro guia, maestro, padre, compañero, amigo En Esta maravillosa visita un pais ma, no hubieramos aprendido y Conocido Tanto (more…)
    Caty, Anis, Toño y Roberto
  • ADL journalist tour

    Ariel, Recibe saludos desde Boston, fue un enorme gusto tenerte como nuestro guia, dejaste en mi corazon una semilla de admiracion por tu pais, bello pais…..su cultura,su historia impresioante, su desarrollo tan rapido, su caracter, su estoicismo, que bello mensaje de pais, pequeno de territorio, falto de recuarsos vitales pero abundante de inteligencia y perseverancia
  • Gula

    Dear Ariel,

    We all want to thank you for the wonderful tour you provided of Israel. Your knowledge brought the ancient place to life for us, your insights into daily life than, and now were fascinating.

    We also want to thank you for making this a safe and comfortable trip, tour caring and professionalism were greatly appreciated.

    All the best to you and this wonderful land you are helping to create and maintain.


    The Gula family
  • Bill and Cynthia


    Thank you so much for the wonderful experience of seeing Israel   through your eyes.

    You are an absolute wonderful guide-giving us the historical background with your perspective. (more…)

    Bill and Cynthia
  • Stein

    Dear Ariel – I am really jet-lagged – we have not even been back for 24 hours, but I wanted to thank you, once again, for making this trip to Israel an amazing one. You are an incredible guide.  You are knowledgeable, intelligent, and we noticed how well-prepared you were for everything we did.  We appreciated how personable, funny, and considerate you were as well. You are a real mensch and were the perfect guide for our trip – NOT the 2nd best.  We have wonderful and moving memories of places we went, stories you told, wisdom you shared, and the many jokes and laughs we shared.  
  • Donna & Howard

    Ariel, We just wanted to thank you for making our first visit to Israel so amazing. Everyday was a new adventure as we explored and experienced the history, culture, spirit and strong endurance of your country through your expert guidance. We even managed to sip some incredible wines and taste various local cuisines. It was such fun! Actually, with your encouragement, I didn’t fall down Masada, off Shushi or even the Segway! Best of all, Howard and I came back sharing much of your enthusiasm and, hopefully, some of your impressive knowledge. Regards from Alabama,
    Donna & Howard
  • Mangurten

    Ariel , You took our dreams and gave them life! Israel the land and the people and YOU will always be in our hearts. You made us feel the land of our people! Shalom be well, to life! Our love  
    Carole & Hawie
  • Liss


    Thank you for making our trip so special. We will carry this experience with us for the rest of our lives.

    You were wonderful with Pacey & Jack. Thanks for everything.

    Your friend Samantha, Derek, Pacey & Jack.

  • Fischer & Schwartz

    Dear Ariel,

    I’ve had an amazing time with you seeing new places. I loved climbing Masada, floating in the Dead Sea & riding camels. Next time we come to Israel I would love for you to tour us. Mallory   Dear Ariel, Thank you for a great trip. If we didn’t have you we would probably be in the Deseret. From Garrett (more…)
    Fischer & Schwartz
  • Eden & Drew


    Thank you for the most wonderful vacation. You have thought us so much about the saul and history of the greatest place on earth. I’ll always feel in your debt for that. I hope I made it clear how much I love it here and I hope someday we can repay the favor.

    Love, Drew

    Thank you so much for making our trip so special. We are so sad to leave Israel and you.

    We will definitely be seeing you soon.

    Love Eden and Drew

  • Dear Ariel,

    I really can’t begin to thank you enough. Ellen and I had an incredible time in Israel with you.  It was another “trip of a lifetime.”  You are an incredible tour guide and friend. In all seriousness, we appreciated you perfect balance of taking us where we wanted to go and where we wanted to go but did not know (yet) that we wanted to go!  (more…)
  • Ariel is the best!

    My wife and I have two teenage boys and we all agreed that our visit to Israel was our favorite trip of all time. A lot of that was due to Ariel. He took us to the most amazing sites, including some off the beaten path. He was flexible, jovial and, most importantly, incredibly knowledgeable. We learned a great deal and had a lot of fun.
    Joe Pankowski