Preparing for your trip – before


Most airlines flying to Israel do not require reconfirmation of your return flight. If you are traveling with children, check with your air agent to see if the airline has children’s meals available.


Credit cards are widely accepted at most stores, restaurants and at many tourist sites, parks and museums. In addition, it is recommended, in any case, that you bring US dollars/cash. US dollars may be changed into shekels at official money changers in the large cities. Shekels can be obtained from ATM machines with your PIN number. Please notify your bankcard company that you will be using the card in Israel. It is probably a good idea to switch a few hundred dollars into shekels at the airport upon arrival


Check to see exactly what your travel insurance covers. Does it include health and baggage? Itinerary, Make sure that you have health insurance. Your hotel concierge can connect you, should the need arise, with the house doctor. Or, private emergency rooms operate in major cities. If you have a claim fill out the appropriate forms and your American carrier will reimburse you. Contact your tour escort should you need to see a doctor.if you wish I can recommend a travel insurance agent.


Leave a copy of your program along with hotel telephone with family members.


Pack lightly, especially in the summer time. There is a reasonably priced one-day laundry service near your Jerusalem hotel. Leave the suits, ties and party dresses at home, its jeans, shorts and t-shirts here, yes even at night. Please note that my vehicle is able to accommodate a reasonable amount of baggage. We define reasonable as one large suitcase and one small piece of hand luggage per person. If you intend on bringing more than this, please notify us in advance and we will make the appropriate accommodations. Check with your airline regarding luggage allowance. Make sure that all of your bags are properly tagged.

What to Bring

bring water shoes, sporty sandals, Crocs or at the very least, flip-flops

Sunscreen and hats. Yes even in the winter

Umbrellas & rain gear. It rains in Israel between late October and early May

A warm coat and sweater for winter days. In Jerusalem, and the north it does snow sometimes in the winter, The winter nights are especially cool, even in the desert.

Modest dress for the “Holy Sites”: Please cover your Knees and sholders when going to holy sites like Wetern wall, synagogues or churches


Bring a copy of your prescriptions along with you. It is also a good idea to bring an extra pair of prescription eyeglasses with you.


Pack lightly, especially in the summer time. There is a reasonably priced one-day laundry service near your Jerusalem hotel.


Double check that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the scheduled return date of your trip. Make a photocopy of your passport and carry it separately from your originals.


There is no require for tourists entering Israel from western countries.


Do not leave luggage unattended at airports.


It is customary to tip the wait staff and cleaning staff in hotels, as well as bellboys and waiters. When eating out it is customary to tip between 10 and 20% of your bill. Restaurants do not put a place on the credit card bill for you to leave a tip. They prefer if you leave the tip in cash. However you may ask for them to add the tip to the bill before receiving it and usually they will do so. It is also customary to buy your driver and guide lunch wherever you decide to eat. Of course tipping is completely at your own discretion.

Please write me about your family, your dreams and wishes, I am here for you

- Ariel Stolar -