Running Tours in Israel

If you're a runner and a traveler – this trip is a real treat for you! Combine 2 of your passions together along with a professional care and company of both fellow runner and professional tour guide.

Ariel Stolar is an experienced tour guide, working all around Israel for the last 15 years, offering custom-tailored trips in English and Spanish. In his free time he also and enthusiastic runner, participating in marathons, half-marathons and one triathlon.

Special offer for runners

Having a run in foreign country is always a refreshing, exciting and challenging experience. Israel is hosting various contests and marathons every year. Combine a trip to the Holy Land with a special run with a private guide for having the most amazing trip and running experience.

Ariel Stolar will take care of any arrangements regarding the trip and the marathon (usually it takes prior registration in order to receive you badge and other participation artifacts) – so all you have to do is get on a plane and come to Israel, where your private guide and fellow-runner will be anticipating you to create the best experience in Israel, show you some exciting locations for training and preparing for the marathon itself – and to run with you on the occasion itself.

Planning ahead

Whether your main goal is to win the race or just enjoy the experience – Ariel Stolar is always there to keep you company, arrange everything for healthy food to the ride to the airport and be a supportive runner and tour guide in a unique travelling package you won't find anywhere else!

Please write me about your family, your dreams and wishes, I am here for you

- Ariel Stolar -