Culinary Tour Israel

Some say that you cannot get to know a country without becoming familiar with its cuisine. On many levels - it is very true.

Food and dining play a major role in our lives, at home and of course when we travel it is a big part of the experience.

Ariel Stolar has been working as a professional certified guide since 1999. As a native Israeli, he knows all the special traits of Israeli cuisine. With the great love

Ariel has to the Israeli food and wine, he explored the country from top to bottom to find the special dishes made by special people with amazing stories to build few culinary tours to meet any expectation and dream you might have.

The sights you will visit during the culinary tour in Israel

The tours offered by Ariel Stolar are always custom-tailored, but there are some basics offered to every visitor: the best hummus and falafel places in Israel (must have!), or dining in the most exquisite gourmet restaurants in the country.

For those who want a more personal touch, private workshops with leading chefs is also a possibility. This way each visitor to Israel can become familiar with the special flavors of the most westernized Middle East state.

Ariel Stolar is a personal guide who loves to provide a new angle to each and every tour. Tailoring a special tour program with him allows you to experience Israel to the fullest.

Please contact us with the following sentence to start: my dream is to eat…

- Ariel Stolar -