Tel Aviv – Jaffa

Tel Aviv -Jaffa

Tel Aviv is The heart of Israeli culture, business and fun. The lonely plant mentioned Tel Aviv as the “funest city in the world” You can always experience Tel Aviv by yourself but with a private tour guide it is totally a different story. Jaffa This day will start with a visit to the ancient city of Jaffa, a city of 4000 years of history which have been the main entrance to Israel for many generations, here its alleys holds the stories of the passengers, prophets and warriors. We will walk its narrow streets, listen to the stories of Jaffa that are combined with the history of Israel. From Jaffa we’ll continue to Neve Tzedek the first neighborhood outside the walls of Jaffa, today a charming little neighborhood with cafes, restaurants, shops and Galleries.

The next site will be the independence hall, where Tel Aviv was established and the state of Israel was declared by David Ben Gurion in May 1948. We will continue walking through Rotchaild bvd. to see the international stayle of construction that made Tel Aviv to be recognized as a world heritage site at 2003. During Tuesdays and Friday we will visit the art and craft market.

Option for this day

A great way to see Tel Aviv is by bike, there are hundreds of miles of biking paths in the city we can do all Tel Aviv by bike total of 10 miles ride (approx.) Palmach museum or Rabin museum

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- Ariel Stolar -