Private Tours

Private tours

Private tour with Ariel Stolar means that this is your tour, the tour which is tailor made exactly to meet your need, dreams and desires, in a private tour you travel with the people you love and know, this is an important trip. Why not make it your very own journey! When you are touring with Ariel Stolar you are having Ariel as your guide and driver, exclusively for your party – nobody else. This simply translates into greater flexibility, better comfort and personalized service so you can experience Israel the way you have always dreamt of it to be.

What are the advantages of private tour?


With a private tour, you decide how your time should be spent and the pace in which your tour is conducted. You can start or end your tour earlier or later, you can decide to spend more time in your favorite spot, you heard or saw something special we can stop and take a picture or even change the itinerary according to your wish.

Maximize your time:

We know your time is precious in a private tours you maximize every minute of your journey, your guides knows how to plan your time in order to arrive exactly at the right time, to spend more or less time in a site or to add another spot just so you will enjoy your time to the maximum. Personalized Service: In a private tour you get to meet with a local Israeli, have a window to the Israeli life from a local point of view, interact with other locals, and have no limit on the amount of questions, get to know just what you are interested in. Ariel's long experience allows him to adjust to your needs, "Your dream is my commend"

Special Treatment:

Private tour allows special treat for people with special needs, Ariel can provide an electric scoter for elderly people, or create an easy path for people with disabilities, kids are always welcome and the right itinerary will be made for them, remember that the tour can always be adjusted for your needs even on the go.

You wonder how you travel?

So touring with Ariel Stolar means that you are driving in a very comfortable and luxuries VW Multivan, fully air-conditioned with room for your fit and lugged up to 6 passengers

Please write me about your family, your dreams and wishes, I am here for you

- Ariel Stolar -